We were going to have a talk on the Heart Sutra today …

… but Rev. Taigu is visiting to show us how to sew a Rakusu for the Jukai (he sewed the lovely Funzo-e Kesa in the picture), so I thought to let him give the talks the next couple of days ….

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8 Responses to “SIT-A-LONG with JUNDO & TAIGU”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Gassho Taigu,Looking forward to your rakusu instruction.Thank you for your practice, JordanJundo, I know Leon told you to get a haircut; get at it!I am smiling, but not kidding, really. Thank you for your efforts.Gassho,Jordan

  2. jundo cohen Says:

    Hi Jordan,This is a great misunderstanding, even by the conservative traditional Vinaya. I quote:Hair of the head. The hair of the head should not be worn long. It should be shaved at least every two months or when the hair has grown to a length of two fingerbreadths — whichever occurs first, says the Commentary. In Thailand there is the custom that all bhikkhus shave their heads on the same day, the day before the full moon, so that the Community can present a uniform appearance. Although this is not obligatory, a bhikkhu who does not follow the custom tends to stand out from his fellows.A razor is one of a bhikkhu’s eight basic requisites. He is also allowed a whetstone, a razor case, a piece of felt (to wrap the razor in), and all razor accessories (such as a strop). At present, this allowance would cover all types of safety razors as well. The Commentary to Pr 2 insists that the razor case not be multicolored.Unless ill — e.g., he has a sore on his head — a bhikkhu may not use scissors to cut his hair or have it cut. The question of using electric razors to shave the head is a controversial one. Because their cutting action — even in rotary shavers — is like that of scissors, many Communities will not allow their use in shaving the head.A bhikkhu may not have gray hairs pulled out. (The wording of the Commentary here suggests that this prohibition covers hair of the body as well as hair of the head, but it goes on to say that ugly hairs growing, e.g., on the eyebrows, forehead, or beard-area may be removed.) He may not arrange the hair of his head with a brush, a comb, with the fingers used as a comb, with beeswax mixed with oil, or with water mixed with oil. Hair dressing mousse and creams would also come under this prohibition. The Commentary gives permission to use one’s hand to smooth down the curled-up ends of one’s body hair — for example, on the arm or chest — and to rub the head with a wet hand to cool it off or to remove dust.Beard. The beard should not be grown long, although — unlike the hair of the head — there is no explicit maximum length, unless the two month/two fingerbreadth rule is meant to apply here as well. One may not dress the beard as a goatee, a rectangle, or in any other design. The moustache may not be dressed, e.g., by making its ends stand up. Because there is no prohibition against using scissors to cut the beard, electric razors are clearly allowed in shaving the face., Jundo the Hirsute

  3. Jordan Says:

    Jundo,Have you become a Vinaya monk? That might displease the wife a bit, I find it interesting that you choose the Vinaya over Sotoshu’s tradition of shaving the head on days that end in fours and nines.Why did you become a monk? I cannot understand why everyone wants to become a monk. They shave their heads right away, and very quickly they let their hair grow back. Shaving sometimes becomes a kind of fad. Shaving your head is not a fad; it is the decision to become a monk, and it is an important commitment. Shaving your head, wearing the black kolomo and the kesa and doing zazen are not decorations for the dojo. Some people think that the kolomo and kesa are work clothes for zazen and sesshin. This is completely false.Eihei Dogen, The Gakudoyojinshu (“Applying the Mind to the Study of the Way”)With good humor, but no ice creem on a hot day,Jordan

  4. jundo cohen Says:

    Oh, you think that “shaving the head” has to do with outward appearances? Do you think the real Kesa and Koromo can ever be removed? In fact, do you believe that Zazen has a beginning or an end?Gassho

  5. jundo cohen Says:

    By the way, the talk is gone (I think I was wearing a mohawk that day) … but I posted some pictures on this awhile back …HAIR!

  6. Jordan Says:

    Oh, you think that “shaving the head” has to do with outward appearances? NopeDo you think the real Kesa and Koromo can ever be removed? nopeIn fact, do you believe that Zazen has a beginning or an end?NopeNow that that’s settled, go get a haircut.C’mon, even Leon knows you need one!Gassho,Jordan

  7. Jordan Says:

    Jundo, I understand that you may not want to here about a haircut from me. That is OK. I would ask that you listen to the teacher Here at about 40 seconds in he has a great revelation.I pray you may drop all resistance.Gassho,Jordan

  8. nordkapp Says:

    I am laughing as I observe this dialogue….In a different sort of monastic existence I was once and again “attached” to a quarter inch and white sidewalls as a badge of my profession – it is interesting to note that once I reached the “pinnacle” of that profession I “let go” of hair length and on deployment the dirtbag look was one of the things that kept me alive! Discipline became increasingly internal and unrelated to tribal and outward affectations of uniform, salutes, titles, etc.Of course, to arrive at this unattached state, one must pass through the phase of boot or tadpole… and one can become attached to the dirtbag look as well…Gassho,AlexI have enjoyed your exchange…

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