Another very honored guest today …

Ram Dass?

Bernie Glassman Roshi?

Swami Satchidananda?

Or this wiseman with a beard …

Please “Sid”-a-Long and find out!


Press on arrow for ‘play’



5 Responses to “"SID"-A-LONG with JUNDO”

  1. HezB Says:

    How nice to meet Sid. Hello Sid.Regards,Harry.

  2. louis Says:

    Sid, nice to meet an old friend of Jundo’s.When you leave FL, please bring a leaf blower with you. In a funny way I’ll miss it.

  3. helena Says:

    Thank you Sid. It is always nice to meet a friend of Jundo.The topic of your talk rang true to me. I have the hardest time letting thoughts just be thoughts. For such a long time, they have been “me”. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. sid Says:

    thanx hezb and louis.louis, i must be dense.what means verbage re blower?sid

  5. louis Says:

    Hi Sid. It should have read:”Jundo, when you leave FL, …”During these daily online sits from FL, the sound of a leaf blower is often heard. I have grown accustomed, even fond of it.Take Care,Louis

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